Practicing the Art of First Person Writing

Until I read Suzanne Collins’ “The Hunger Games,” I didn’t really pay much attention to first person writing. In the publishing world, writers who attempt it have been frowned upon. As an English teacher, I discouraged it. But first person writing is making a comeback as a publishable literary point of view.

Sherry Wilson writes on her website, “First person point of view is the most reader friendly. It’s intimate. The reader feels like the character’s best friend. In fact, the viewpoint character will often confide in the reader things he wouldn’t tell his best friend.”

I believe Wilson is right. I related so well to Suzanne Collins’ Katniss, I embodied the character while reading “The Hunger Games” trilogy.

There are a lot of fine points to writing in first person, and I encourage you to visit Sherry Wilson’s site for more information. If you write from this point of view, you have to do it right.

So I will practice. I have twice begun writing a science fiction historical romance time travel manuscript, wondering why the pace and the story are not flowing as well as I would like. Now I’m rewriting it from the first person point of view. Suddenly I am more deeply involved in the character’s mind and actions. I am the heroine when I write. I speak directly to the reader as though he or she is my confidante. The entire feel of the story is dramatically altered.

In keeping with my goal to keep my blogs to 300 words or fewer, this is a wrap for today.

Happy writing!


Sherry Wilson,