About Me

Julie Warner Morrill

I’ve made a switch from non-fiction to fiction writing, so I’ll likely bid farewell to a number of my faithful nutrition blog followers. However, I thank you for reading my articles and welcome new readers to my new “novel” blog. My writing can’t hold a candle to my favorite authors, but it is inspired by Garrison Keillor’s “Prairie Home Companion,” Kevin Sullivan’s “Wind at My Back” series, and Earl Henry Hamner’s “The Waltons.”

As a lover of all things traditional and nutritional, I enjoy researching and writing about traditional societies or at least traditional customs in less traditional yet largely healthy populations. I doing this, I hope to gain insight into lifestyle health secrets. I am passionate about health, healing, nutrition, longevity, and anything with regard to living an energetic, happy life.

For those who don’t know me, I am, on a professional level, a semi-retired Middle School history and English teacher, part-time author, part-time dog trainer, part-time and full-time administrative assistant. More personally, I am a a wife and mother–also full-time, of course. I am also a perpetual student, always studying, researching, and writing–and I find it great fun helping other people with their various and fascinating writing projects.

Besides writing, I work with my husband Pete to raise and train hunting, pointing Labrador retrievers. (See our website at MMKennels.com.) Also, my husband Pete is the former director of Kidder Creek Camp, a satellite camp of Mt. Hermon Christian Camp and Conference Center in Santa Cruz, California. He just resigned in January of 2014 and is now working full time on our home-based kennel business. While I don’t work as paid staff, you can find me doing a number of volunteer activities at Kidder Creek Camp during the summer. Check out the website at http://mounthermon.org/kiddercreek.

On a weekly basis, I help to run a Good News Club in one of our local elementary schools. It gives me great pleasure to train junior leaders to teach the Bible to younger children. I sing on small worship teams in a couple of different churches, do some swimming at our local indoor pool at the fitness center, and take ballet, voice and guitar classes when I can find the time. I enjoy walking, mountain biking and hiking in my backyard wilderness.

I am a slightly quirky adventurer who likes to try new things, like foreign and historical recipes, off-the-beaten-path international travel, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, and horse-packing. There are just so many new places to explore, new things to experience, and so little time!

As more of a quiet, somewhat uncoordinated and klutzy, home- and family-loving, behind-the-scenes kind of person, many are surprised to find that entertaining is a favorite activity of mine. Hospitality is one of my gifts and, since my husband is a Christian camp director, we have always had a lot of people over to our house year-round, honoring our volunteers and donors, entertaining camp staff and campers, and spending time with friends and family. I love the party planning process–preparing menus, cooking the food, decorating the house and table, and creating party favors. I especially enjoy theme parties, like murder mysteries. It’s a joy to see others have a fun time and laugh.

My parents raised my brother and sister and me in the “sticks” of Northern California, along the Scott and Klamath Rivers–pretty much in the middle of nowhere, west of I-5 and close to the Oregon border.

Scott River, California

Growing up, we had no television. My siblings and I spent most days outdoors, running around on deer trails, riding our bikes, swimming or inner-tubing in the river, and playing with Matchbox® cars in the dirt. We kids were involved in Campfire Girls, Little League, Good News Club, church, and playing with friends at their various woodsy cabins and farms. It was a sweet, innocent, nearly perfect childhood.

After attending Westmont College in Santa Barbara and then UCLA, I lived in Europe for awhile, teaching English in Budapest, Hungary and bashing about the mainland. Now I live with my husband and our five (no, four now that our oldest has gone off to college) kids in California’s far north, not far from where I grew up, and we’re raising our children with wholesome, traditional family values, but with a much broader worldview as I strive to instill in them a love for history, culture, and travel.

Well, that’s about it, I guess.

Thanks for visiting!

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