Juice, Fruits & Vegetables Fast – Days 8, 9 & 10

View of Scott Valley from hike 6


Day 8:

I finally ate a little solid food today in the form of whole grain brown rice. Wonderful. I read that rice may contain arsenic, which is bad. On the other hand, if it does not contain arsenic, it’s great for aiding the body in removing heavy metals (chelation).

I’m down three pounds in my weight, which isn’t as good as I was hoping over the course of eight days. Clearly, my body is still toxic and the toxins are holding on for dear life in my fat cells. I want them gone.

I completed my second coffee enema in the past week. No profound changes there either.


Day 9:

9 days of fruits and vegetables, a few nuts and a handful of whole grain rice one day and what in my health has improved? My skin is clearer and any wounds seem to have healed more quickly, the whites of my eyes are a little whiter because my eyes are less bloodshot, and all bowel movements are functioning optimally with no constipation. Aside from that, it doesn’t seem like anything has improved. Why is this? Do I need to give the cleanse more time? Do I need to be patient in order to see results appear later? My suspicion is that my body did not completely detoxify. Why? Because I am adding toxins to my body as a faster rate than my body can detoxify.

This is where the past 9 days have been educational. I have learned that, in order for my body to thoroughly detoxify so it can heal itself, I must….

  1. Eat only organic foods, because otherwise I’m ingesting herbicides and insecticides at a faster rate than my body can attack and remove those toxins;
  2. Remove as many toxins from my environment and personal use as possible (i.e. lotions, cleansers, soaps, shampoos, etc.)



Day 10:

This is the final day of my 10-day detoxification fast. As I stated in my journal entry from yesterday, I am not overjoyed by my results. I need further purification and true detoxification. In order to accomplish this, I believe I need to eat only organic foods. They may not necessarily need to be all fruits and vegetables, nuts and a few grains, but I will probably add some animal products, as well.

I’m a bit wary of going 100% organic, because of the expense, but I will trust that, because organic (and thus non-GMO) foods are nutrient-dense, I will be eating less food, but it will be more nutritionally beneficial to my body.

I also realize that I must be diligent in removing as many toxic substances from my house as possible and drastically reduce my use of toxic chemicals on my body. This means I will be searching through my home, reading labels, and removing cleansers, detergents, disinfectants, herbicides, pesticides, artificial fragrances, shampoos, conditioners, toothpastes, wet wipes, etc.

Because this experiment requires replacing all toxic, chemically-based substances with natural ones, I will be relying on online experts (like Matt and Betsy of DIY Natural: http://www.diynatural.com/?awt_l=6OZIk&awt_m=3tAAWyTVKntFQkt) who know how to create their own safe, natural “DIY” products. I plan to use their recipes.

I could go one step further and remove all toxic-dyed and chemically synthetic clothing from my wardrobe, but I have pretty much done that already, so I think I’m good there. (In fact, I may write a future blog on the importance of natural fibers, frequencies, and their health benefits.)

On to my next adventure in detoxification, purification, and healing!

Thanks for reading!


Juice, Fruits and Vegetables Fast – Days 6 and 7

View of Scott Valley from hike 1


Day 6:

Forget what I wrote earlier about being done with the release of fluids from my body. My mouth is watering more, my nose is running, my eyes are running…. I feel kind of miserable, like I have a cold or allergies, but I know this is part of the detoxification process.


Day 7:

Day 7 and I’m in the home stretch. I’m craving whole, nutty brown rice in the worst way. There’s a lot of vitamin E in whole grains like this; perhaps my body needs more vitamin E. I would love to eat a bowl of al dente short-grain brown rice right now.

But, oddly, I do not crave meat, which I thought I would by now. Actually, the thought of eating meat disgusts me, but that may be due to the fact that I still have images of the documentary film, “Food, Inc.” in my mind.

I haven’t gone purely organic in my juicing and cooked fruits and vegetables, but I just heard a quote from Charlotte Gerson of the Gerson Institute in San Diego. I can’t remember where I heard it, but someone asked her if s/he could juice non-organic fruits and vegetables and Charlotte said that it would be like drinking a glass of “Roundup,” the herbicide. Wow. Powerful word picture.

I found this quote on the Gerson.org Website: “…the herbicide Roundup is one of the most toxic substances you can put in your body. Concentrating a chemical like Roundup with a press type juicer and drinking it is extremely harmful.” http://gerson.org/gerpress/faqs-juicing/ Yuck. Charlotte’s statements are compelling. I’m now being far more diligent about juicing only organic fruits and vegetables.

The human body was created to heal itself. Charlotte Gerson talks about the importance of allowing your body to detoxify when you’re employing the Gerson Therapy. If you’re constantly putting toxins from food-borne herbicides, shampoos, lotions, soaps, etc. into and onto your body, your body has a difficult, if not impossible, time detoxifying and healing itself.

Just yesterday, I listened to testimonies of healing via the Gerson Therapy method and of how people often reach a point where certain toxins in the liver suddenly release in the form of a noxious odor or taste in the mouth. This evening, as I was doing some deep breathing throughout my gentle, restorative, pre-bedtime yoga stretches, the scent of rotten cheese filled my nostrils. The smell was so strong, I became nauseous. My mouth got that filmy coating and I could taste something like metals or chemicals; I’m not sure what—probably both. I’m wondering what toxins my liver is releasing tonight. I have been allergic to dairy fat for most of my life, but continued to eat nonfat dairy products. Is that what I smell? Years of nonfat dairy accumulation releasing from my liver? And what is this taste? Heavy metals and chemicals being expelled from my body? Should I spit them out? If I drink water, will I urinate out the toxins I taste in my mouth? Very strange…yet hopeful and exciting, as well!

P.S. I would like to note that I am NOT following the Gerson method, but I am interested in learning more about it.

Juice, Fruits and Vegetables Fast – Days 2-5

Deer in our yard


Day 2: Well, I must say that today has been a little more difficult. I was hungrier after a workout, so I had to do some extra juicing and drink more fruits and veges to feel full, but I think the added spirulina and other superfoods are giving me enough protein to keep my energy up.

One detoxification symptom I seem to be experiencing is the release of bodily fluids. My nose is runny, my eyes are watering constantly, I’m sweating, I’m needing to urinate frequently…. You get the idea. I can’t say more without being too indelicate. Let’s just say that any possible way that my body can discharge toxins is coming out in liquid form and it’s not pleasant. It’s like having allergies and a fever at the same time.


Day 3: Today I felt nearly the same as yesterday. I experienced hunger and weakness at times, but I just drank more juice and ate more fruits and vegetables and I felt better. I’m not craving meats, grains, dairy products or even chocolate. Shocking. My weight is down, as expected, but not significantly so. My skin and eyes are clearer, though. I have had bloodshot eyes most of my life. I still do, but the redness is lessening, as though the blood vessels are shrinking. We shall see if it’s only my imagination or if it’s for real. I also have less bloating, gas, and intestinal pain today. Very nice.


Day 4: I’m still plugging along. The release of fluids from my body is finally subsiding. Perhaps I’m through the worst of the detoxification process?


Day 5: Today I really, really craved solid foods, so I ate more whole fruits and vegetables to give me something to chew. I’m craving rice—organic, nutty, whole grain brown rice. It will be one of the first things I eat after I complete the next 5 days of my fast.

I’m extra tired today and feel that my body needs more rest and water. But, overall, I’m not doing too badly. I’m not really suffering in any way. In fact, my body feels healthier and I feel empowered by the mere thought of being stronger physically and mentally after this purification.

P.S. I would like to note that I am NOT following the Gerson method, but I am interested in learning more about it.

Juice, Fruits and Vegetables Fast – Day 1


I have tried many diets and different detoxification programs for health and weight loss over the past sixteen years. I have fluctuated between chronic fatigue and high energy, illness and health, being overweight and being at least close to my ideal weight. I’m not much different from most Americans.

In the past two years I have focused more and more on toxins and my need to purify and cleanse my body of toxicity. I have cut out a huge amount of toxic food from my diet and yet I still struggle with the same issues. It has been frustrating and exhausting. To come all this way and come to the realization that my body is still toxic is exasperating. Where do I go next? What do I read next? Where are the answers?

I am inspired by the documentary films, “Food, Inc.,” “Food Matters,” and “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead,” and I’m ready to try yet another detoxification program—a vegan diet for 10 days with 2/3 of each meal being juiced fruits and vegetables and close to 90% organic. Will it make a difference? I’m beginning this regimen today, and I’m hopeful that I will experience a positive difference in my health.

Today I embark upon my 10-day juice fast, drinking 2 meals a day of organic juiced fruits and vegetables and eating 1 meal of a mixture of raw and cooked fruits and vegetables. Some days, if I feel up to it, I’ll do total juicing with no solid foods, but I’m allowing myself the freedom to “chew.” I’m also adding vitamin supplements, Chinese herbs, some nuts, seeds and mega-nutrients, like chlorella, spirulina, bee pollen, aloe vera, coconut water, goji berries, and other healthy oils and superfood nutrients for added nutrition.

If I increase my intake of fresh-squeezed organic fruits and vegetables, I’ll be partially following the Dr. Max Gerson Therapy plan (http://gerson.org/gerpress/the-gerson-therapy). However, I want to make it clear that I am not truly following the Gerson method, but I am researching its benefits. I have been employing coffee enemas off and on for the past few months (also part of the Gerson Therapy) and I can tell they’re helping to increase my energy level and the tonal quality of my skin.

To strengthen my own willpower and resolve to remain on this 10-day fast, I have decided to keep a diary of my progress. It’s a little embarrassing and intimidating to post something so personal online, but I’m hoping for success and perhaps I’ll encourage others to try something similar. So, here goes…

Day 1: Today, day 1 of this challenge, I have to admit that it was very easy. I have been consuming a breakfast of exclusively juiced fruits and vegetables for months, so to switch my afternoon “dinner” meal from solid food to juice was not very dramatic. Furthermore, swapping out meat, grains and dairy products for raw plant foods was also not very difficult…for today, anyhow. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.