Bananas and the THM Diet


Serene and Pearl have a lot to say about bananas. Here are some quotes from their book:

“A word about bananas. God made them and they are a wonderful food. We buy them for our children, who are growing and still very insulin sensitive since they have young cells and run around all day. We very rarely eat bananas ourselves, as they are more like potatoes, and can easily fatten an adult. If you don’t want to say a complete goodbye to them, stick to half a banana as a limit when eating E style. Fill up on something else and we have plenty of choices for you.” page 83

“Can we remind you again to please steer clear of bananas, or use only half a banana in an E smoothie?” p. 247

A Question and answer from the Book: I thought bananas were healthy. This is the first time I’ve been told to not eat them. What about other fruits like watermelon, pineapple, and mangoes?

Yes, bananas are healthy. God made them for a purpose. They are excellent for growing children and for people who struggle to keep on weight. !e reason for this is that they are much higher in sugars than the other fruits we suggest. Tropical fruits on a whole have less fiber and more sugar. This doesn’t mean you should totally exclude them from your diet. You can have small amounts of these with E meals, e.g., mango in some salsa, pineapple in some cottage cheese, small piece of watermelon, or half a banana. Personally, we stay away from bananas, but we had addictions to them in the past. Three in one sitting was not beyond us, so they are trigger foods for us.  p. 596

Note: Pearl and Serene recommend using banana extract in several recipes if you still want that banana flavor.

“We call bananas and other high glycemic fruits healthy since God made them, but only for those whose blood sugar can handle them. If something is chock full of vitamins and minerals and yet causes your waistline to expand and spike your blood sugar levels, which is aging and inflammatory, it is not healthy for you.” p. 596

So, how many carbohydrates are in a medium-sized banana? Twenty-seven (27). The THM diet allows 45 grams of carbohydrates in an “E” meal and only 4-9 grams of carbohydrates in an “S” meal. (Essentially zero grams of carbohydrates are allowed in an “FP” meal.)

Does this mean you can go ahead and eat a ¾ of a banana in an “E” meal or snack and not gain weight? Well, you might, but I can’t. When I eat a even 1/2 of a banana I may not gain weight that day, but I know I’m likely not going to lose any weight.



3 thoughts on “Bananas and the THM Diet

  1. I would encourage you to carefully review “Trim Healthy Mama”, in its entirety, before continuing to blog with such detail. Many of your posts shared here are inaccurate, at best, and show a less-than-adequate understanding of THM principles. This is unfortunate, as it seems your followers come here to understand the basic THM guidelines.

    While an individual might do “fine” with a limited understanding, the majority following these loose perceptions will not be successful in their endeavors, leading to disappointment and frustration… but the fault would not lie in the original book, but the incorrect relay of information.

    I greatly appreciate your efforts, but find it important to caution you. PLEASE, take a few weeks and read through the book, slowly. Take time to underline important information. Highlight the food categories. Carefully research through the recipe sections…

    This will give you a firm grasp on THM… and not only benefit you, but also your readers if you continue to blog to this bent.
    Jaque (a 42 year old Trim Healthy Mama of 4)

  2. Hi! Bananas aren’t banned, they are limited to about 1/2 to an E setting. That’s plenty for a pancake topping, or frozen and in a smoothie. This is very clear in the book. 🙂

  3. This information isn’t quite correct. I know many people are “scared” of bananas, but it’s repeatedly been clarified that HALF of one is fine in an E setting. In the book, they just mention that they personally choose to abstain because they found it difficult to not eat more. Depending on your body, though, they *do* cause a bit of a sugar spike and you may find you do better weight wise to avoid them. (Check out bottom of page 247, where it suggests adding half a banana to a FP smoothie to make it E, and also discussed on pg 596) Also check out this post from a THM Moderator:

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