Grams of Carbohydrates and Fats Allowed in Weight Loss Meals


Basically, in my understanding, when you’re eating a high healthy fats meal, you have to keep carbohydrates to nearly zero. When you’re eating a moderate carbohydrate meal, you need to keep the fats to nearly zero.

Here’s a chart to help you:

Grams of

Healthy Fat Meal

Moderate Carbohydrate Meal

Nonfat, Carbohydrate-Free Meal



Up to 45

As close to 0 as possible




As close to 0 as possible


8 thoughts on “Grams of Carbohydrates and Fats Allowed in Weight Loss Meals

  1. You want to have that 5g of fat in your E meals. There have even been gals who were doing no fat and stalling but when they added the 5g with their E meals, they started losing again. So don’t go NO fat in the E meal.

  2. this is the strangest, uninformed blog post. this information you posted is very vague, and incorrect. all the correct info is in the book, so if you read it, you’ll find it. I don’t feel i should provide all the correct info for your THM pseudo Blog. Instead, if someone is truly interested, just go to Trim Healthy Mama’s webpage, or facebook pages, and get the correct info first hand.

    • Sorry- that came out really harsh, not as I meant it. I felt really uncomfortable about giving away all the info from the book to help correct your blog- I’m sure you are just trying to help your friends. Please forgive my sharpness.

  3. If you want to focus on numbers then the net carbs for a true E meal are 20-45g. But as you stated, the authors REALLY prefer that people think in food categories instead of counting. Keep S foods in S meals and E foods in E meals.

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