My THM Diet Progress


The THM diet is truly amazing. Out of curiosity I looked back over my past years’ records posted to Just as I thought—on the days I ate THM-style meals, I lost weight and almost every one of those meals happened to be a “Deep E” meal. I tried some high healthy fat meals, but they were all mixed with carbs, so it’s no wonder I never lost weight. At least I finally know the reason behind all that gaining, losing and stalling!

Now that I have discovered the key to THM’s meal cycling plan, I am enjoying “S” meals filled with satisfying, healthy fats. Bring on the yummy, fatty, healthy oils and let me live off the “fat of the land!” I’m feeling more full and less hungry. My cravings are much lower with “S” meals. (The glucomannan recipes are a big help.)

I have never enjoyed any diet more than this one, because it is so successful! Another discovery: I’m losing more weight more rapidly when I eat about 2 “Deep S” meals and 1 “Deep E” (refuel) meal per day…and I stall or gain weight every single time I “cheat” with the slightest bit of starchy carbohydrate eaten with a fat. Lessons learned. Everyone is different, of course, so you might not want or need the same combinations of foods, but experiment and see what works for you! You have a good chance of really figuring out what works and what doesn’t with the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan.

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