Weight Loss Cycle

As I mentioned before, I did not find the THM book especially easy to read. For one thing, it is not organized the way I would want. I look forward to the new edition to their book coming out in 2014, which should clear up all questions.

Someone wrote in and told me the following, which might be helpful if she’s correct (and I’m not even super clear on it): “One of your largest errors is saying the Fuel Cycle is for the initial two weeks for those starting the THM lifestyle. That fuel cycle should ONLY be used after following (free styling) for at least 3 months and then only with the other qualifers explained in the book. Many of us never need to use the more restrictive fuel cycle.”

The authors recommend leaving a three-hour gap between an S meal and an E meal; any closer together and the opposite foods will clash in your body and stall your weight loss progress. They also recommend S desserts after an S meal and E desserts after an E meal. Fuel pull meals can be eaten close to any meal.



One thought on “Weight Loss Cycle

  1. Saw your blog and thought it might be a synopsis of THM. Surprised at the magnitude of errors. It’s important to read the whole book, not just skim for what may look like a quick fix. THM is about a healthy eating style which also promotes healthy weight loss for one who needs it. This is not going to help anyone, and discredits the authors and their book. And there’s no such thing as deep E. Please take the time to learn the principals and nutrition that is the golden ticket.

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