Julie’s No-Bake High-Protein, High-Energy Cookie Dough Balls – THM E recipe?

THM Update: I have discovered that these energy balls, although super tasty and healthy, are not conducive to weight loss, so I added my notes to the recipe to make it more “E” recipe friendly. However, I have not yet experimented with the recipe and these “E” ingredients, so try it at your own risk!

Okay, for those of you who follow me for my writing blogs, you’re going to find this post a bit strange. However, quite a people still read my health- and nutrition-related stuff, so here’s something for my low carb, high protein health nut friends. I’m always surprised by how many people ask me for this recipe, so here it is…again! (And I don’t mind posting it for y’all.)
See, they kinda look like raw cookie dough balls. Kinda taste like ’em too. (Yummy!) You can see they’re a little greenish, though. That’s due to all the seaweed and powdered green vegetables I put in them. Don’t worry; you can’t taste all that stuff.

Photo: For those of you who ask about the high energy protein balls I make... Here's a photo of a bag of them.

Julie’s No-Bake High Protein Energy Balls

Makes around 60 one-ounce balls (approximately 85 calories per ball)

Ingredients: (Note: Use live, organic ingredients whenever possible.)

1.            4 cups organic rolled oats *THM and Sally Fallon would advise you to soak these in water and a little yogurt or kefir overnight.

2.            1 cup oat bran *THM would advise the use of oat fiber or maybe psyllium husks, but I haven’t tried these yet.

3.            ½ cup protein powder (dried egg whites, brown rice protein, hemp protein for “E”)

4.            1 cup of raisins (or dates, prunes or other chopped, dried fruit)

5.            2 cups finely ground, unsweetened coconut Use *Delete this ingredient to make it an E treat.

6.            4 cups ground nuts of any kind you want

7.            2 cups ground flaxseed

8.            1 cup powdered milk (I use either organic nonfat milk or dried organic coconut milk.)

9.            1 cup ground sunflower seeds (of other seeds, like pine nuts, sesames, pumpkin, etc.)

10.          1/2 to 1 cup well-ground dried herbs (I use my coffee grinder to grind up the following: spirulina, chlorella, aloe vera, alfalfa, acai berries, astragalus, bee pollen, beet root, blueberry leaves, dandelion, Echinacea, goji berries, kale, kelp, spinach, etc.)

11.          1 cup honey (Buying local honey helps to prevent some seasonal allergies.) *Use Truvia or xylitol to make this an E treat.

12.          ½ cup maple syrup (or agave nectar or other sweetener of your choice) *Use Truvia or xylitol to make this an E treat.

13.          1+ cup of nut butter (I usually use a combination of peanut and almond butters.)

14.          ½ cup coconut oil *Delete this to make it an E treat, but I don’t yet know what to replace it with to make it fit THM.

15.          1-2 cups dark chocolate chips *Change these to shavings of unsweetened baking chocolate to make it an E treat.


Prep Time: 30 mins

  • Mix together the first 10 ingredients.
  • In medium pot, heat the honey and maple syrup on the stove. Do not boil.
  • Add nut butter and coconut oil.
  • Cool to a little warmer than room temperature. (If the liquid is too hot it will kill any of your live ingredients.)
  • Pour the liquid mixture over the dried ingredients and mix together thoroughly. Using your hands is often the best way. The “dough” should be about the consistency of cookie dough—not too wet, not too dry. Add more nut butter and honey if it’s too dry; add more of a dry ingredient, like more powdered, ground herbs.
  • Add the chocolate chips and mix thoroughly.
  • Shape into 1-ounce balls, place in a container and freeze. (Eat thawed or frozen. Both are good.)
  • I roughly estimate that each ball is equivalent to about half of an EAS protein bar; one EAS bar is approximately two ounces and 170 calories.

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