The Connection between Whole Raw Milk and Weight Loss

I haven’t written about raw milk for awhile, so I think it’s about at that time again.
In talking with other people about drinking whole, raw milk—either goat or cow—I have gotten the typical questions regarding the dangers of bacteria in unpasteurized milk, but I won’t address those here. You can research and find the debunking of that myth pretty easily—how pasteurization and homogenization damage vitamins C and B in the milk, how they render Calcium and other minerals unavailable to the human body, etc.
No, aside from the raw milk controversy, the other common question is: How can one lose weight and remain slim while drinking whole, raw milk?
Surprisingly, by removing the fat from milk, the milk sugar, lactose, is increased. This raises the glycemic index of milk so that when a person drinks nonfat milk, sugars are increased and the blood sugar imbalance could actually cause weight gain, rather than helping with weight loss. Note: Over 60% of the world’s population is allergic to lactose.
So, should we all go out and start drinking whole, rather than nonfat or lowfat milk? Well, that wouldn’t work for me, unless I was to take a lactase supplement with it, because I’m allergic to casein, a milk protein found in dairy fat.
Lactase… Isn’t that an enzyme that is naturally found in milk? Well, yes, it is. And, lo and behold, that important little enzyme is destroyed in the heating process of pasteurization. So, my hypothesis is that, if I were to drink a glass of whole, raw cow’s milk, which still contains all the lactase needed for healthy digestion, I would not have any allergic reactions to it and would therefore not require a lactase supplement. However, as of yet, I have been unable to get my hands on a glass of raw cow’s milk, since the sale of it is against the law in the United States. (I still find this unimaginably astonishing.)
So, back to my question, but let me revise it: How can one lose weight and remain slim by drinking whole, raw milk (since I prefer the health benefits of raw milk and would like to eliminate the need for taking lactase supplements)?
Here are some facts about whole, raw milk and weight loss:
1.       Drinking whole, raw milk may be able to end your sugar cravings, causing you to eat healthier overall. (This reminds me of my Dutch article. Is that why the Dutch stay so slim and are able to resist overeating unhealthy, sugary carbohydrates?)
2.       Whole, raw milk is nutrient-dense, which means you’ll get all the highly digestible vitamins, minerals and other nutrients your body needs. Without whole, raw milk, we may be always eating, but ever hungry, because our bodies are craving more nutrients.
3.       Whole, raw milk contains high levels of calcium that is readily absorbable. In fact, it may be the best way to obtain the calcium your body needs. What’s so great about calcium? Well, among other health benefits, studies show that calcium helps us to lose weight—specifically abdominal fat.
4.       Whole, raw milk detoxifies the body in a calm, painless way. As you probably already know, toxins in the body can make you fat (by causing blood sugar imbalances, causing insulin resistance, etc.). Unfortunately, we live in a toxic society filled with toxins in the form of nitrates, animal growth hormones, and other bad things. So, finding a way to rid your body of toxins in a safe, effective manner is good news.
5.       Whole, raw milk causes you to gain lean mass, like bone and muscle. And, of course, the higher your lean body mass, the lower your body fat will be.
So, what is my humble conclusion to all this information? Well, despite the research, results are yet inconclusive. Whole, raw milk alone may not the answer to all your weight and health problems. However, if I can ever get my hands on some whole, raw milk I’ll be very excited about trying a milk fast or at least adding it to my already healthy diet. Along with regular exercise it could be just what I need to get me back on the path to detoxification and overall wellness.
For more information on raw milk fasts and weight loss, read:

5 thoughts on “The Connection between Whole Raw Milk and Weight Loss

  1. I live in the North of England we don’t have the laws like America does about cows milk, It’s really not good I hope you find some. I have just started drinking Raw cows Milk, the farm I buy it from is from the south coast of England about 500 miles from where I live. I have to say I am so happy with the milk it taste’s soooo much nicer than homogenised milk, and especially when it is ice cold plus I know it is much healthier for me and my son, I got 14 litres of it and I freeze the milk. I don’t think it will last long cos I am drinking quite a lot of it lol. I thought it would be thick and creamy like the homogenised whole milk that you buy in the supermarkets, however I was surprised because it’s not that creamy I would say it’s between semi-skimmed and whole milk. I will be ordering in bulk again in a few weeks. I have ordered angus beef stakes as well, “grass fed no antibiotics” I really don’t want toxins in my body, we get enough from the environment and that’s bad enough. Yes it is best to go back to the good old pantry days when every thing was fresh and safe to eat…

  2. The legality of the sale of raw milk totally depends on which state you live in. I live in Grants Pass, Oregon where the sale of raw milk is illegal in stores and the like, yet I am able to buy my 1 1/2 gallons of raw milk my family and I drink each week from a little family-owned farm in another town close to us. I highly recommend Googling your states laws about the sale of raw milk and finding someone who would be willing to sell to you! (You can also try finding individuals who are selling close to you by Googling.) It’s SO worth it! I have bipolar disorder and consuming raw milk has helped treat it (not cure! There is no true cure for true bipolar disorder.) along with changing to a more natural, organic “old-school” diet. Old-school meaning homemade meals, fermented foods, dried foods, nuts, spices, raw milk, raw milk products (cheese, sour cream, etc. Although I have yet to learn how to make them and the family-farm I buy my raw milk from doesn’t make and sell dairy products unfortunately.) If you really want to eat truly well and guard your family’s physical (and mental!) health (they’re much more connected then we’re led to believe, hence why raw milk helps with my bipolar) this is the way you need to go. Backwards! As unproductive as that may sound. Back to unadulterated, un-manhandled food! Give us raw, whole, local, unpasteurized, un-homogenized, unrefined goodness and we shall live!

  3. Agreed, Mark. I live in MN, and here you can buy raw milk as long as you buy it on the farm. There may also be other arrangements you can come to with the farmer, such as purchasing a share of a cow, etc.

  4. I think that raw milk is only outlawed in certain states, not the entire United States. Maybe you live close to a states border which allows the sale?

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