Shelving the Cow Idea


Reprinted from the original article written on August 27, 2012

Okay, so now I understand the difference between A1 and A2 cows, but, first of all, finding an A2 cow is nearly impossible. Secondly, in talking to people about raising cattle, I’m no longer as excited about the whole endeavor–especially since it’s illegal to sell the milk, so it would not be cost effective. (Illegal to buy or sell raw milk??? That’s another super duper big stupid shock that I don’t understand! Sheesh! It’s not illegal in other countries like the Netherlands and Switzerland, where people are generally healthier than in America!)

If we want to just have a family cow for milk for our family, the prospect is daunting, with two milkings per day, the costs involved, etc. Yes, I might be able to find someone willing to milk the cow when we were unable to do so, but I’m getting worn out just thinking about it at this point….

What is most frustrating is that I can’t even find a way to drink one single glass of raw milk–even from an A1 cow, let alone an A2 cow–just to see if I have any allergic reactions it.

So, as to the whole cow thing, it’s on hold for now–indefinitely. However, I’m still trying to find some way to drink a glass of raw milk, if you can believe that! I may have to move to France, or something.

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