Chemical Preservatives could be Blocking Your Weight Loss Efforts

Nitrates and nitrites preserve the color in meats like ham, bacon, lunchmeats, sausage, and hot dogs. My research on chemical preservatives in processed meats appears to confirm a theory I have recently begun to form. As I have written before, weight LOSS is successfully linked to saturated fats (like animal fats and coconut oil) and high protein foods (like organic, grass-fed meats and raw dairy products). However, weight gain can be connected to nitrates and nitrites in processed meats.

Besides the fact that nitrates and nitrites are cancer-causing agents (especially cancer of the stomach), they are inflammatory, and that they can lead to allergies, these dangerous chemicals can also lead to metabolic disorder, causing unhealthy weight fluctuations, food cravings, and weight gain. Have you ever been losing weight and, all of a sudden, you end up on a plateau, unable to budge the scale another smidge no matter how hard you try (or you eat a lot of high-protein meats but find you’re still hungry and craving more food)?  A high protein meat diet could initially cause weight loss, but if you’re consuming too many processed meats, that could be your problem. Nitrates and nitrites can cause you to retain water, bloat, raise your blood pressure, slow weight loss, and unexpectedly halt your weight loss.
I’m going to stop eating processed meats. It may take awhile to detoxify and get those harmful chemicals out of my system, but consuming all-natural, grass-fed venison bone broth will help my body detoxify and I hope to be back in my healthy weight loss pattern once again.
Here are some other natural chelation vitamins, minerals, and herbs to aid in detoxifying your system from nitrates, nitrites, and heavy metals (from
* Milk Thistle is also known as silymarin. It helps your liver detoxify and in the process, eliminate heavy metals. Milk thistle also protects the membranes of red blood cells.* Chlorella is a mild chelator. Chlorella has a 3-layered cell wall that contains cellulose microfibrils, which aids in heavy metal detox. Green algae contains cholorella.* Methionine is a natural occurring chelating agent that supplies sulfur in the body. It helps in heavy metal detox by increasing the production cysteine and lecithin for the liver and for good kidney health.

* N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) increases cysteine and glutathaione production. It is also a source for sulfur. Fresh garlic is a common source of NAC.

* Vitamin B6 is advised if you have undergone dental procedures or has dental fillings. It prevents the contamination of heavy metals in the body.

* Magnesium is important for the proper functioning of your immune system and body enzymes. Great sources of magnesium are found in pumpkin, Brazil nuts, spinach and in fish like halibut.

* Cilantro is helpful in removing heavy metals, including mercury, from your body. Cilantro aids in restoring the normal functions of body cells. You can easily sprinkle cilantro in your salads and soups.


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